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November 2022 - Living Blues Magazine - Henry L. Carrigan Jr.

"Life of Leisure is the kind of album that you put on and simply let the music wash over you. Farrell and his band envelop us with their rhythmic beauty, their songwrit- ing, and their dedication to living the blues in their songs."

November 2021 - Blues Matters Magazine - Iain Patience

"Life of Leisure is readily one of the albums of the year, an absolute blues triumph."


February 2020 - Elmore Magazine Review - 3 pints of gin.

'Three Pints Of Gin is the first new release from US bluesman Richard Ray Farrell for a few years now. Farrell is mostly based in Spain these days but this latest release was mastered, produced, and recorded with no overdubs as a live album in the USA, where Farrell’s own roots lie. Always a truly excellent performer, here Farrell turns out a full 16-track album that features his wonderful, inspired acoustic picking and harp playing alongside a gritty, edgy, raw delivery that works perfectly and really illustrates the guy’s sheer strength and quality.'


'Life in Spain seems to be treating American bluesman Richard Ray Farrell well. You could almost say he is back where he belongs. Farrell was born to travel, having started as a street musician or “busker” in Paris, France in 1975. Totally fascinated with the music of Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and other legendary blues players, Richard played for hours on end in the halls and tunnels of the Parisian “Metro” subway, scraping out a living as a musician,...'


2020 - The Country Blues Review - 3 pints of gin.

'Way over in Torre Del Mar, Spain, an American expatriate carries on the acoustic blues in a serious and fiery fashion. Indeed, he’s an acoustic bluesman of the highest echelon, of vigorous expressionism, yet comfortable immediacy. Richard Ray Farrell is technically superb with deep and passionate delivery, a virtual tour-de-force of the traditional blues. His newest album Three Pints of Gin (self-produced 2020) proves that claim with a bold exclamation mark! '


April 2020 - The Country Blues Review - 3 pints of gin.

'Going solo is sometimes a risky endeavor in the blues. When crowds want a band, they want a band, with more than one rip-roaring shredder. New York’s Richard Ray Farrell, an acoustic guitar and harmonica specialist, has always had the courage to go it alone. His new CD, Three Pints of Gin, is a comfort-food smorgasbord of sixteen songs, including covers such as Lonnie Johnson’s “Lazy Woman Blues” and “In the Jailhouse Now.” He shines on his original material, in terms of both instrumentation and songwriting. '

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