All of Richard Ray Farrell's CDs are available at, iTunes,, and Napster, among others.

:: January 2014 ::

Richard has been busy. Here are eight original songs, including the title hit "Shoe Shoppin' Woman."

:: Summer 2013 ::

Richard Ray Farrell relocated to Malaga, Spain, and he produced this wonderful live album.

:: January 2012 ::

An interview with Richard Ray from the Blues Blog of Michalis Limnios

:: June 2011 ::

The new CD, I Sing the Blues Eclectic,
went to Number 8 nationwide on the Living
Blues Radio charts for the Month of May. Blues producer, Dick Shurmann, calls the CD "Simply fantastic."

Byrd Hale, a DJ at KZSU of Stanford University, is calling this "the best CD of the year."

CD available by clicking here.

:: 2010 ::

Richard Ray Farrell is featured playing guitar
and harmonica on one track on Raimundo
Amador's new CD, Medio Hombre Medio Guitarra. The track is called "Zambra Blues," which also features Flamenco vocalist, El Pele.

:: March 2009 ::

Richard Ray Farrell & The Spanish Band's
new CD, Camino de Sanlucar with special guest Raimundo Amador , is now available at CDBaby.

This CD was recorded in Seville, Spain and mixed in the US. It features legendary Gypsy guitarist Raimundo Amador on three tracks. It went to #18 on the Living Blues Charts in April 2009

CD's available by clicking here.

:: November 2007 ::

Richard Ray Farrell & Marco Pandolfi's new CD, Stuck on the Blues, is now available at CDBaby.

This CD landed at #25 in the
Living Blues Charts, and stayed in the
Roots Music Report Charts for 38 consecutive weeks

CD's available by clicking here.

:: September 2007 ::

Richard Ray Farrell wrote two songs and performs on two songs on this new Jimmy Carl Black compilation CD entitled, Where's the $%&¢#@' Beer ? from Crossfire Publications.

This CD features: The Muffin Men, Geronimo Black, Garry Primich, James Harman, Don Preston, Bunk Gardner, Buzz Gardner, Roy Estrada, Steve Clayton, Tommy Schneller, Mick Pini, and many more.

CD's available by clicking here.

:: November 2006 ::

Blue Beet Music is proud to present Richard Ray Farrell & Steve Guyger's new CD titled Down Home Old School Country Blues.

The album went to number 18 on the Living Blues radio charts for the month of November '06; 19 in December, and 23 in January of 2007. Andy Grigg of Real Blues Magazine of Vancouver, Canada calls the disc, "Easily the best acoustic blues album to come out in years." The CD has been in the Roots Music Report charts for 19 weeks running.

CD's available by clicking here.


:: July 2005 ::

Richard Ray Farrell's Acoustic Roots is tearing up the charts around the country. It hit #1 in the WHUS 91.7FM playlist up in Connecticut and #20 on the Living Blues charts nationwide for the month.

Blue Beet Music is proud to present Richard Ray Farrell’s new CD appropriately titled, Acoustic Roots.  Richard has put together a 58 minute set of classic ragtime and delta blues covers from the 20’s and 30’s.  This recording was done live with no overdubs and features Richard Ray on guitar, vocals and occasional harmonica on the rack.  Acoustic Roots was recorded, mixed and mastered by 3 time Grammy Award winning engineer Mike Tarsia of Philadelphia, PA. 

“The conviction and determination in his voice and instrumental skills take a back seat to no one.  He’s as tough as they come, as artistic as those before him, and surely a name to be reckoned with in the future.”  Craig Ruskey, Blind Man’s Blues Forum


More News…Richard Ray has recently recorded a track together with Phil Wiggins for Delaware bassist, Jimmy Pritchard, long time sideman to Sonny Rhodes, Frankie Lee and Lonnie Shields.  Jimmy’s debut CD, Shoppin’ for the Blues, on Weaklink Records, can be found at

Still More News…Richard Ray’s surf guitar instrumental, “Jitterboppin” from his Bohemian Life CD has been selected by Inside Sounds of Memphis, TN for their newly released CD The Art Of The Motorcycle: Songs Of The Open Road.  The CD showcases thirteen different artists including Ann Rabson and David Evans.  Find this CD at

CD's available by clicking here.


:: June 2003 ::

Bohemian Life went to number 18 on the Living Blues Charts for the month of May!!! The song, Bohemian Life has been chosen by a syndicated radio program called Blues Deluxe and will air on 102 stations around the country from June 22nd to June 28th. We're also getting airplay in Australia, Belgium, France, Ireland, England, and Spain.

Click the image below to hear samples of Richard's music.

CD's available by clicking here.

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