Richard  Ray  Farrell

"The blues will never die, because it's not a fad, it's a way of life."

Richard Ray Farrell: An interview (By Michalis Limnios BLUES @ GREECE)

 "Keep an open mind. Don't expect to learn the blues from Eric Clapton or Stevie Ray - dig deeper!"

Born in Niagara Falls, New York in 1956, Richard Ray left his hometown only two weeks after graduating from high school and backpacked his way through Europe, not knowing at the time that music would be his destiny. Richard Ray started as a street musician or “busker” in Paris, France…

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Shoe Shoppin' Woman (By Tim Petty)

Richard Ray Farrell's started his career in Europe as a street musician in 1975 with his first professional gig in 1976. Farrell toured Europe with musicians such as R. L. Burnside, Big Jack Johnson, and Lazy Lester before returning to the States in 2001, however, it would appear that now he hangs his hat in Spain according to his FB page.

This is Richard Ray Farrell's 6th recording on his…

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I Sing The Blues Eclectic (By John Mitchell)

I had never heard of Richard Ray Farrell before receiving this CD for review but some internet searching reveals that he was born in 1956 in Niagara Falls, NY. He headed off to Europe after high school and started busking in Paris in 1975. He lived in Spain, then Germany, working with local bands and backing visiting Americans including Frank Frost and RL Burnside. He played in a band with…

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